Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wednesday Wintern!

Welcome to Wednesday, the week just begun and it is almost over.  At this point you are in the thick of a project, and you are probably facing some modeling and drafting issues.  There is a big difference between knowing how to model, and knowing why something is modeled a certain way.  Wednesday Wintern posting are here to help you go from an Intern to a Wintern... pretty witty hunh???  Yep.

Today we are going to talk about a slab on grade / exterior wall /  footing detail.  There are ways it is constructed on site, and there are fast ways to model that do not match.  I am going to review the detail and discuss why something might be modeled a certain way to help develop your ability to this strategically about your model.

Here is the detail in question:

Pretty standard detail, but modeling it can become tricky.  Just look at the wall structure, you have three separate conditions, one condition with a wood stud wall, one condition where the slab intersects the wall, and then the CMU foundation wall below.  I have seen this handled several ways, but only one way where a section can be cut anywhere in the building and this general condition is displayed.  If it is not modeled "correctly" then the sections have to be attended to one at a time with drafting regions really taking away from the functions and 3d modeling that Revit offers.

If you build this as a stacked wall, with three walls stacked upon one another for the three conditions, you can then place the concrete slab with a boundary to the appropriate place provide turn downs, attach a footing and wahlah!  you have an accurately modeled detail in your entire revit model.

Revit goal:

If you start to detail out your model according to the actual details, you will be surprised by how realistic the model becomes and how accurate your drawings become.  With the detail above I also provided topo, and put in a pad that acts as my porous fill.  This allows the sections to read very well, and the exterior renderings are appropriate for my needs.

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