Sunday, November 6, 2016

DigitalBlue at Architecture Exchange East

Happy Sunday morning!  This past week I was pleased to present at the Architecture Exchange East in Richmond, Virginia.  My sessions were happily attended by around 30 people each and the conversations were lively.  What I learned was that the conversation about Data in Architecture is many times confused with an over the top idea of BIM rather than a simple approach to how to better use the work that we are already doing.

When I think of data in architecture, I think of appropriately used layers in AutoCAD, or the elegant use of categories in Revit.  I think of how far the industry has come in the application of data onto a model, and how poorly the conversation was started.

Architects like organization.  I was trained in AutoCAD by a woman, who taught me that the only way to make a corner was to "fillet 0" which means fillet two lines with a radius of zero.  If you pulled a line you had the opportunity of making a line slightly off orthogonal and jagged on the screen.  All architects I know have these quirks.  These opportunities for BIM.

Data in architecture is about organization, which leads to clean drawings.  If we help our owners organize their facility files, then the idea is that eventually that will benefit the community.

There are many reasons why I like my job - as technical and boring as some might see it.  I see my role as supporting the ability for people to have a better life.  If you work on an organized file, and you can easily make changes then you get to go home at a reasonable time and see your family.

If I help people go home early, I have been successful.

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